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A Look Back

Follow the evolution of Black Diamond Weekend and the incredible speakers,
experiences, connections, and impact we've fostered through the years. 
Year SIX | 2021


Diamond University: It's A Different World Powered by Dominion Energy


  • Over 30 Classes with 3 different tracks in addition to a bonus Tech Track

  • Over 400 attendees attended BDW as a hybrid event for the first time

  • Featured Celebrity Guests Daryl Bell and Tempest Bledsoe

Keynote Speaker

Angel Rich delivered an inspired keynote complete with golden tips on building wealth with purpose and perseverance. 

Year Five | 2020


Pressure Makes Diamonds: Sparkle. Fire. Brilliance powered by Cox Communications


  • 26 Classes with 3 different tracks

  • Over 400 attendees attended virtually for the first time

  • Fashion Show at Norfolk City Zoo

Keynote Speaker

Les Brown delivered a riveting keynote on how to leverage the power of our stories. 

Year Four | 2019